Plain English Guide to Major EPA Laws

The field of regulatory compliance law is dynamic.  It is continually evolving and expanding exponentially.  The first major obstacle compliance officers must overcome is that of demystifying the sheer mass of confusion with EHS compliance legislation at the federal, state, county and local jurisdictions of government.  Yet, it’s the responsibility of every company to satisfy all laws that require compliance.  So there’s no choice but to understand and implement every mandate.  Once a firm foundation of legislative expertise is established, the compliance officer must then crystallize his thinking just as to what compliance activity must be generated. 

Vanguard’s services to its nationwide clientele carry a two-fold purpose:

list item image 1 We satisfy compliance on a site-specific, turnkey basis, while providing compliance officers with the substantive information on virtually every law applicable to their facility…without covering him up with the proverbial “data dump” associated with sources like the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations. 

list item image 2 We educate the client as we go.  An educated client is the best kind of client.  On the one hand, he knows enough to place value in Vanguard’s work; but on the other, he undergoes the preparation essential to hosting enforcement inspections and leading his organization in their growth in sustainability and environmental stewardship.

Disclaimer.  It is not intended that the information on this website be taken as legal or regulatory advice, but utilized for general educational purposes.  Vanguard does not warrant accuracy of the information provided here for all facilities, geographical locations, or jurisdictional regulations and their regulatory bodies.  For site-specific assistance, please consult an attorney, or contact Vanguard for the purpose of discussing your company’s specific regulatory compliance challenges.

Plain English Guide Testimonial

It is never good to hear you are out of compliance with environmental laws, but we are really glad we heard it from Vanguard Environmental instead of the regulators.- Envelope Mfr./Los Angeles, CA